Admissions | The Open School


The Open School enrolls students year-round. Think we might be the right school for your family? Start by following the steps below.

Step 1: Request an Informational Packet

You can learn a lot about our school just by reading our website. However, when you’re ready for the next step, contact us and we’ll send you an informational packet. You can call us at (714) 326-9736 or fill out the form below.


Step 2: Visit the school

After you’ve received the informational packet and your family has reviewed it, you can schedule a campus visit with our Admissions Clerk. All parents and/or guardians (even non-custodial) should attend an Admissions Visit if possible, whether together or in separate visits. Call (714) 326-9736 or fill out the form below to schedule your Admissions Visit.


Step 3: Enroll

After your Admissions Visit, if we both agree to move forward with enrollment, we will invite you to fill out an Enrollment Application and Sliding Scale Tuition application and pay the appropriate fees. Once those are completed, you will attend an Enrollment Visit with our Bursar and receive registration information. Custodial parents and all students should attend the Enrollment Visit. At the Enrollment Visit, you will:

  • Sign the Enrollment Contract
  • Make the initial down payment
  • Make arrangements for remainder of tuition

What happens once you’re enrolled?

Start attending school, of course!

The first 4 weeks of school are called the Practice Period, a time to settle in and make sure there is a good fit between the school, the student, and the family. We will hold two “check-in” meetings during the Practice Period where we will ask the parents and student to provide feedback. The school representative will provide feedback as well. If, during the Practice Period, the school or the family determines that it is not a good fit, either party can end the enrollment contract with no financial penalty. Usually there are no concerns and the family continues seamlessly into enrollment.